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Starting a new site is never easy and when done right is time consuming. At Flamin’ Fig we’ve taken all the hard work out for you to get you going with your new website in a fraction of the time. The following material contains all the resources and support material  you’ll need to get started with your new Sparkle Theme Kit website…. enjoy!




If you’ve got all the above listed items & you are on a Mac (macOS) computer then you’re ready to start making an awesome website. Check out our themes, choose the one you like and then review the documentation to get started. Check out our themes page to learn more about our well designed and outstanding themes - all theme kits are easily personalised to match your branding identity…



The Sparkle app is the macOS framework to your visual website theme kit and is an essential component to making your online presence work. You will need to go to the Sparkle App website ( where you can purchase and download it on your macOS platform. Once done you will be able to open your new Flamin’ Fig theme kit and go to town on it. [Note: Link moves you to the Sparkle App website.]



You’ll need an address for your new website, for example: If you already have a domain name, great! If not, you can check out our provider ( to set up your own domain name, or get in touch with us where we can assist you not only with a new domain name but also to see if the domain is appropriate  and available for your proposed online business.



Websites are hosted, or stored, on special computer-boxes called servers. This allows your Sparkle themed website to be viewable to the whole world - to whoever has an internet connection. At Flamin’ Fig we offer reliable carbon neutral hosting packages that will suit your online needs. Our packages range from hosting a 1 page website to an ecommerce website and everything in-between.



We’ve created super helpful information packs to help you get started! We explain how to set up each page template and how to implement the look (style or business brand) you want on your website. If you’re finding it all too difficult, drop us a message via our support network and we’ll see what we can do to help.



Want to find out more or you’re just unsure about the process?

We’ll make sure you’re on the right track to getting started with your Flamin’ Fig theme kit!


What Are  Flamin’ Fig Theme Kits?

What Is The Sparkle App?

Are The Theme Kits Responsive?

A Flamin’ Fig theme kit is a complete, well thought out and efficient website build that covers a select number of business /industries that aim to get you noticed. The theme kit, as is, can be your website with a bit of editing and personalisation, or it can be a starting point for your own new website build.

The Sparkle App is a ‘breath of fresh air’ to the design community and to users with an eye for web design. More to the point, it’s a visual CMS that resides on your macOS allowing for  great security, efficiency, and ease of use. It’s backed by a team of dedicated developers providing regular updates, tweaks, and bug-fixes.

Yes, all our Flamin’ Fig theme kits are responsive  and suited for the desktop, tablet, and mobile screens. We work with what is called “adaptive design” where we have fixed-width breakpoints instead of “responsive design” which has fluid-width breakpoints.

How do they work?

Do I need the Sparkle App?

What is fixed-width responsive?

The theme kits are designed and styled to a theme which, when opened with the Sparkle app, allows you to edit, swap out the content  and further personalise all while on your macOS. When done, you upload (publish) to your preferred hosting provider.

Yes, to use your newly purchased Flamin’Fig theme kit you will need the Sparkle App to open it, to place your content, and to personalise the visuals. The app is a one-off purchase.

Our Flamin’ Fig theme kits  is set to three common breakpoints (mobile, tablet, and desktop) so, for example, when you view your website on a smartphone you are served up the mobile version of your website . It makes loading time much faster.

Can I personalise the theme kits?

How is the Sparkle App different?

Do they work on modern mobile devices?

Yes you can and quite liberally at that. You can add your text content, swap out the images, add video, remove page(s) or add page(s), work your SEO, add your instagram account. You can even further personalise the mobile layout… whatever you want.

It’s in a league of its own! It’s a free-form visual canvas that resides on your macOS. The beauty of it is that there is no code to touch - Sparkle generates all the code that makes up your website which you then publish to your host with a push of one button!

All our Falmin’ Fig theme kits run on any modern device ranging from the varied sized smartphones, to the tablet formats, and the small to very large desktop screens.

Is The Sparkle App Like A CMS?

How Do I Make My Website Live?

Does Sparkle Have Widgets Or Plugins?

It totally is! It’s a CMS that resides on your macOS computer where you can make changes and preview it in your browser before you even hit the publish button. Not only that, it is secure and generates clean web page HTML  / CSS / javascript and stays away from server-side script that hackers love.

Your Flamin’ Fig theme kit file works with the Sparkle App on your macOS desktop so even if you don’t have internet you are still able to work on your website project. Once you have completed your site you connect it with your hosting server and hit “publish”. The Sparkle App does the rest.

No, and although widgets and plugins expand programs such as Adobe Muse beyond their framework  they also cause headaches and issues and require constant updates. Sparkle, on the other hand, allows you to embed code snippets to extend your theme kit. This is far more reliable and secure.

Can I edit my website in the Sparkle App?

How do I publish my website?

How can I extend my website functions?

Yes you can edit just about everything! You can edit the text, your can edit your font-family, the theme kit colours, edit or replace the images, remove pages, add pages, etc… You name it and it can be edited.

Does the Sparkle App sit in the cloud (server)?

Once you’re done with your website project you hit the “publish” button and the Sparkle App turns your website to code and uploads it to your hosting server, making it live to the online world.

How Secure Is The Sparkle App?

You can do this by embedding code snippets that you acquire on the internet (e.g.Disqus). Once you embed the (Disqus) snippet into your Flamin’ Fig template you end up with  an integrated comments platform - simple!

Does the Sparkle App have a blog function?

No, your Sparkle App will sit solely on your macOS computer and the only connection it will have with the cloud / hosting server is via the publish button - it is totally secure and you own your website!

It is far more secure than your traditional online CMS driven websites such as WordPress. For the most part, your generated website is HTML/CSS/javascript with hardly any server side script and is therefore far less tempting for hackers!

With the recent release of Sparkle3, Sparkle has now a “baked-in” blog system allowing for blogging as an addition or as the main purpose of your website.

Is Sparkle App Similar To Adobe Muse?

SEO Is Important - Is Sparkle Up To It?

Yes there are similarities, but the big differences are: the intuitive app layout, the absolute non-touching of code, and the outright stability and speed that Adobe Muse could never offer to its users!

Add the passionate and professionalTeam behind Sparkle and you have an overall superior product .

It sure is! Once your website is live, the need to further fine-tune the SEO is an important element of having people find you online and this is so easy via the Sparkle App.  Sparkle generated websites rank well because they have been built from the ground up with SEO practices baked-in for search engines.

How long has the Sparkle App been around?

Can I improve my SEO with the Sparkle App?

The Sparkle App has been around since 2014 and has gone through a number of iterations and developments to make it what it is today! A fantastic visual no-code CMS!

Yes, the Sparkle App has a number of elements and attributes allowing you to improve your SEO such as selecting your site’s language,  connecting to Google Local Business, adding sharing, Google Analytics.

How can I get help with my Sparkle App?

Does Sparkle cover a range of SEO tactics?

The Sparkle Team are eager, perceptive and knowledgeable; they are keen to answer questions or help in any way they can. The team at Flamin’ Fig are also very adept with the app so you can equally ask us for help or assistance.

Yes. You can  approve website ownership, add your Instagram account, generate a sitemap, add alt and title tags, optimise your images, customise page names, the list goes on… Sparkle3 now also has a SEO assistant baked-in.

What’s Included?

The Benefits!


We include the following in your Flamin’ Fig purchase which you’ll receive as a zip file…
- your Flamin’ Fig Theme Kit as a .sparkle file

- License Agreement of Use (pdf)

- Getting Started Checklist (pdf)

- Visual Theme Kit Guide (pdf)

Advance Theme Kits

Our advanced theme kit templates push the boundaries of the Sparkle App including more advanced elements and supporting artwork files. In this kit you will receive the following… 

- Your chosen Flamin’ Fig Theme Kit as a sparkle file

- License Agreement of Use, as a pdf

- Getting Started Checklist as a pdf

- Visual Theme Kit Guide as a pdf

- Supporting artwork files

- SEO Check List as a pdf

- Post Launch Checklist as a pdf

What is not included?

Your Flamin’ Fig Theme Kit Template is built on the Sparkle App platform. Your Sparkle App is an additional one-off purchase which you can get from:

Flamin’ Fig Theme Kit Templates and the Sparkle App have changed the goal post of web design allowing for a secure, intuitive, no-code experience! Your website is owned by you, is on your macOS computer (not the cloud), and with nearly no back-end, is a non-target for hackers. This is priceless in todays’ times!

Peace Of Mind

The maintenance of your Flamin’ Fig Theme Kit Template via the Sparkle App is so intuitive and so simple you’d wish this for everyone who needs to maintain and upkeep their website. All the editing is done offline, and can be totally tested offline through your desktop, tablet, and mobile (Apple iOS and Android)… and when done, is published to your website’s hosting server by hitting the publish button! Easy!

No code to touch through any of this!

Another positive is that you have the latest iteration of your website on your macOS desktop. What peace of mind!

We have been busy building out websites with the Sparkle App for our clients and for our featured website, Flamin’ Fig…







- [soon]






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- [soon]

What is your refund policy?

Because of the digital nature of our theme kits and  products they cannot be returned and are non-refundable once purchased.


Theme Kit Name

Unique eclectic home furnishing and indoor
Unique eclectic home furnishing and indoor plant  Unique eclectic hand ten and indoor plant store


Theme Kit Name

Delicious wines, convict tours, and a beautiful wedding venue Delicious wines, convict tours, and a beautiful wedding venue Delicious wines, convict tours,

Theme Kit Name

Bohemian picnic service with class and finesse Bohemian picnic and finesse Bohemian picnic service with big classes and finesse



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Hi… We are Flamin' Fig! * Happy EARTH DAY 2021 to all you earthy-lovers!!! * Supporting conscious business owners on their journey to make a difference in this world and for our beautiful planet Earth. We need you because “we all will” be the change that will change the direction of our town, our region, our state, our country, our nation, our world! * ==================================== We are here to support the eco-conscious world 100%, and better serve the ecopreneurs and ethically-conscious businesses that are moving our society into a better way of living in harmony with our planet. ==================================== * ** *** #flaminfig #byflaminfig #webdesign #templates #themes #userinterface #responsivedesign #creativepreneur #creativestudio #creativedesign #websitedesign #earthday #earth  #theplanets #greenstudio #greenbrand #greenhosting #ethical #ethicaldesign #aquarius #ethicalbrands #ethicalbusiness #ethicalwebdesign #diywebsites #websitetemplates #freelancelife #websitebuilder #sustainable #launcestontasmania *** ** * [Image created by Flamin’ Fig]
Hi… We are Flamin' Fig! * We are here to support the eco-conscious world 100%, and better serve the ecopreneurs and ethically-conscious businesses that are moving our society into a better way of living in harmony with our planet. * So we have done it! We have launched our Flamin’ Fig website! For now our website is in beta as we iron out any little issues that may arise, plus a few of our templates are still baking and will be ready soon. * If you love Macs and you don’t have too much time on your hands then this is where we can help by offering drop dead gorgeous and functional Sparkle themed templates fully responsive and functional out of the box. All you need to do is add your brand colours and fonts, your images and words, and you are ready for launch! * We are pros at this so are able to help in many ways, plus we also offer a carbon neutral hosting platform for your Sparkle website to settle onto if need be. * Flamin’ Fig takes 1% from all sales and moves it into planting native trees here in Australia and overseas to give back to Mother Earth. * ** *** #flaminfig #byflaminfig #webdesign #templates #themes #userinterface #responsivedesign #creativepreneur #creativestudio #creativedesign #websitedesign #landingpages #ui  #theplanets #greenstudio #greenbrand #greenhosting #ethical #ethicaldesign #aquarius #ethicalbrands #ethicalbusiness #ethicalwebdesign #diywebsites #websitetemplates #freelancelife #websitebuilder #sustainable #launcestontasmania *** ** * [Image created by Flamin’ Fig]
Hi… We are Flamin' Fig! * We are here to support the eco-conscious world 100%, and better serve the ecopreneurs and ethically-conscious businesses who are moving our society into a better way of living in harmony with our planet. * We are in fantastic times!!! :) As of yesterday the summer solstice 21.12.2020 Saturn conjunct Jupiter 0 degrees in the sign Aquarius. The Age of Aquarius is upon us but it has been influencing society over a number of decades (transition) already but it is full steam ahead now and transformation is now upon us as a “human society” and Aquarius is big on this! * We are moving into decades of unexpected surprises, contradictions, revolutions, advancements in technology that will have us questioning science which becomes the new “God” narrative. Technology and human will merge with extreme rejection and acceptance, and moving consciousness from a human to machine will be attempted. Technology will be used to avert the 6th extinction event as the human race wakes up and the planet becomes a fitting priority. And you know what… governments as we know it will be very different as Aquarious demands a fairer world for all. * And Star Trek… Well what can I say as we start to explor our solar system with a new found propulsion system, but the big one I see is a totally new form of energy we discover to power all our needs and beyound! We will live a “greener” world, a “greener” narrative! :) * So tell me, what is your take on our new Aquarius epoch journey?… * ** *** #flaminfig #byflaminfig #webdesign #templates #themes #userinterface #responsivedesign #creativepreneur #creativestudio #creativedesign #websitedesign #landingpages #ui  #theplanets #greenstudio #greenbrand #greenhosting #ethical #ethicaldesign #aquarius #ethicalbrands #ethicalbusiness #ethicalwebdesign #ageofaquarius #specialwords #flowers #websitebuilder #sustainable #launcestontasmania *** ** * [Image created by Eberhard Grossgasteiger]
Hi… We are Flamin' Fig! * We are here to support the eco-conscious world 100%, and better serve the ecopreneurs and ethically-conscious businesses who are moving our society into a better way of living in harmony with our planet. * We continue to work on our templates and loving the freeflow canvas allowing us to create anything we desire. We are not restricted to the box-model allowing for very individual websites that standout from the crowd. But in saying that we can also go down the box-model layout if we choose to so we have the best of both worlds! :) * ** *** #flaminfig #byflaminfig #webdesign #templates #themes #userinterface #responsivedesign #creativepreneur #creativestudio #creativedesign #websitedesign #landingpages #ui  #themekits #greenstudio #greenbrand #greenhosting #ethical #ethicaldesign #ethicalliving #ethicalbrands #ethicalbusiness #ethicalwebdesign #spring #specialwords #flowers #websitebuilder #sustainable #launcestontasmania *** ** *
So I have my new Apple iPhone 11 Pro and I was trying out the camera… * And compared to my iPhone 7 all what I can say is WOW //as his jaw drops to the ground! The quality and clarity is just crazy but all so good! :) * The morning Spring sun was streaming into my studio glistening of the crystals and I just could not resist! It is the original take without filters, image manipulation, or tweaks. The colours just outright pop! * All you esoteric eco-conscious souls out there… What do use to take your beautiful images? * ** *** #flaminfig #byflaminfig #webdesign #templates #themes #userinterface #responsivedesign #creativepreneur #creativestudio #creativedesign #websitedesign #landingpages #ui  #themekits #greenstudio #greenbrand #greenhosting #esoteric #crystallight #crystal #ethicalbrands #ethicalbusiness #ethicalwebdesign #spring #specialwords #flowers #websitebuilder #sustainable #launcestontasmania *** ** *

At Flamin’ Fig, we not only love the online simplicity that we offer in our theme kit templates, we also love our planet and feel humbled that we can offer you both in this new age of awareness!


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