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Unique, affordable, and a secure approach for putting businesses online
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Personalise & Launch

Powered by Sparkle (a no-code visual CMS), ready to use out of the box, with the freedom to customise everything per device: layouts, fonts, colours, icons, animation, etc… without touching a single line of code!



thePulse abounds with imagery giving it a striking appeal for the visually inclined and storytellers. A 1-page template (with supporting sub-sections) giving life to the ebb & flow of the world’s coastlines.


An ethical digital branding agency showing clout and cutting edge technology. A bold colourful splash multi-page template showing off your projects in an easy to follow layout including mobile.

Jara Ki

Spiritual yoga studio retreat nestled in the foreshores of Bali, creating mysteries bold and moody tones. This multi page template is for the alternative health industry, yoga, spa or spiritual retreats.


Konscious Fotography

Our rebuilt template theme is a multi-page website built with striking and bold visuals and an asymmetrical layout making for an ideal and classy green-minded drone photography agency.

Greenfoto Boss [Lite]

An eye for detail and nature, and saving the planet at the same time… This theme is warm, engaging and bold and great for photographers, bios, portfolios.

Financials Co. [Lite]

Financial planning with heart and soul… A clean minimalistic and colour grabbing multi page website, Financial Co. can be your next business website template.



Webinar Landing Page

Studio Landing Page

So you have a webinar in mind and you need to let the world know about it. This versatile webinar landing page has everything you need to have your patrons sign up for their virtual seats.

Instagram Bio Landing Page

Keep everything on your site, not through a third-party platform like LinkedTree. Link your social media bios (like Instagram, Pinterest, etc…) to this captivating  and customer-lead page.

That extra marketing arm for your edgy design studio. Use it as a Landing Page or go for the efficient 1 Page Layout. Vision Co. is a modern, sleek, asymmetrical, colourful and bold layout catching your client’s eye.


3 Card Image Transition

3 Card Block Transition

This 3 Card Image Transition Mini-Block has been fully created with pre-packaged onboard Sparkle components. No code has been used in its creation, and it looks and works great!

FAQs Transition 

Another fabulous Mini-Block that gives the function, look & feel of a modern FAQs accordion. Looking for one of these? Then this can slip nicely into your Sparkle project.

- Coming Soon - 



The Bay Of Tides

Gorgeous, luscious and dreamy eco accommodation on the Grecian shores

- Coming Soon -


Advance Theme Kit

- Coming Soon -

Advance Theme Kit

- Coming Soon - 



You’re In Control

Powerful Web Designer

Fully Brandable

There is no code knowledge required. Our theme kits are built to give you maximum control within the Sparkle App - change anything anytime.

Our upmarket theme kits are made on and for the Sparkle App, a visual-web design platform allowing for a code-free experience in building out your next website.

Upload your logo, change the colours, and use Google Fonts (or your own custom fonts) to match your branding allowing you to totally align your web presence with your personal or business brand.

Responsive Across Device

SEO Friendly

Grow Your Social

The magic - your site will look beautiful on any device large, medium, or small. All our Flamin’ Fig theme kits were built with mobile in mind.

Create a powerful SEO presence. We’ve optimised your theme kit to give you the maximum amount of control over the content you add, plus additional SEO approved hacks that will make a difference.

Share your social links, get your work or web page shared, or use the Sparkle app Instagram plugin to display your work on your website.

Video/Sound Integration

Extend With Embed Snippets

Grow Your Email List

Add video as a background to your page or embed video anywhere on your site… anything from Vimeo to YouTube, to your own video recording, or mp3 sound files for that matter.

You’re not limited by just the theme kit capabilities, extend your sites functionality with embedded code snippets from anywhere on the web, like Shopify, Ecwid, Gumroad, Facebook Messenger, etc …

Integrate Campaign Monitor, Flothemes, or any other mailing list tools, and increase your marketing email list with ease.


This is our spiritual grind and we do zen when creating websites in the Sparkle App. So if you don’t have the time let us know how we can make time for you and craft your ethically conscious presence online…



Beautifully crafted websites created with the Sparkle-app with client-conversion as an end goal

Showcase - Shopfront Trevallyn

Showcase - Waterton Hall Wines

An eclectic fun & stylish boutique homewares shop nestled in the beautiful hills of Trevallyn TAS, offering in-store purchase or convenient online sales.

Delicious wines, convict tours, in-house chief experience, and a beautiful wedding venue. All that and online wine sales presenting cool-climate wines.







PO Box 8062, Trevallyn TAS

Tasmania on the world map


Creating Templates with Sparkle is so Zen!  It doesn't get any easier! It is like drawing on the canvas like a painter. The with ease and intuitive approach allows us to Zen while creating beautiful and call to action templates! :)   We design website templates without touching the code. Sparkle, the web design platform we use, looks after that! :)   Come visit us to see how we can be of help - https://flaminfig.com  #flaminfig #byflaminfig #webdesign #webtemplates #sparkletemplates #nocodedesign #responsivetemplates #creativepreneur #creativestudio #creativedesign #sparklesites #nocode #nocodetemplates #nocodewebsites #entrepreneurs #inthezone #greenstudio #zen #greenhosting #ethicaldesign #ethicalbrands #ethicalbusiness #templates #diywebsites #websitetemplates #freelancelife #zentemplates #draganddrop #solopreneurs #launcestontasmania   * [Image from Canva, art by Flamin’ Fig]
INTRODUCING OUR NEWEST ADDITION...  Our new Greenfoto Boss landing page template is a Sparkle theme that is ideal for businesses; photo studios, photographers, visual portfolio, and much more…  An edgy alluring design with an earthy colour palette that grabs attention, with bold text, and a sleek well balanced modern uncluttered design. Greenfoto Boss loads fast keeping the likes of Google very happy! Check out the demo here - https://flaminfig.com/demo/s/greenfotoboss.com/  Greenfoto Boss was built on the Sparkle 5 App platform so everything is editable without you needing to touch any code!  If you need any assistance with your template, our team at Flamin’ Fig (https://flaminfig.com) is here to help - after all It is our jam!  #flaminfig #byflaminfig #webdesign #webtemplates #sparkletemplates #nocodedesign #responsivetemplates #creativepreneur #creativestudio #creativedesign #sparklesites #nocode #nocodetemplates #nocodewebsites #entrepreneurs #ecoconsciousbrands #greenstudio #designempowerment #greenhosting #ethicaldesign #ethicalbrands #ethicalbusiness #templates #diywebsites #websitetemplates #freelancelife #websitebuilder #draganddrop #solopreneurs #launcestontasmania  * [Images from Flamin’ Fig, art by Flamin’ Fig]
We are here to help! So you are in a pickle, going around in circles and time is running out to hit that publish button. With our 3 solid years of using Sparkle to create sleek modern websites and templates, we can most certainly help you past those hurdles.  We also have experience in integrating ecommerce platforms like Ecwid, Shopify, Gumroad, etc… Here are a few examples of our work… - https://watertonhall.com.au - https://tngt.com.au   DM us for more information, or hop on over to our website (https://flaminfig.com) where you can make a booking with us.   #flaminfig #byflaminfig #webdesign #webtemplates #sparkletemplates #nocodedesign #responsivetemplates #creativepreneur #creativestudio #creativedesign #sparklesites #nocode #nocodetemplates #nocodewebsites #entrepreneurs #ecoconsciousbrands #greenstudio #designempowerment #greenhosting #ethicaldesign #ethicalbrands #ethicalbusiness #templates #diywebsites #websitetemplates #freelancelife #websitebuilder #draganddrop #solopreneurs #launcestontasmania  * [Image from Pinterest, art by Flamin’ Fig]
Howdy from Flamin' Fig!  Our new Vision Co. landing page template is a Sparkle theme that is ideal for businesses, web studios, online marketers, online portfolio, and much more…  An unique eye-catchy luring design with a vibrant inviting colour palette that grabs attention, with bold text, and a sleek curvy modern uncluttered design… allowing your clients to easily find your call to action… Make a booking! Vision Co. is a fast loading site that will keep the likes of Google very happy! Check out the demo here - https://flaminfig.com/demo/l-p/studio-landing-page/  Vision Co. was built on the Sparkle App platform so everything is editable without you needing to touch any code!  If you need any assistance with your template, our team at Flamin' Fig is here to help - after all It is our jam! * ======================================== We are here to support the soul-conscious world 100%, and better serve the soulpreneurs and ethically-conscious businesses that are moving society into a better way of living and in harmony with our planet. ========================================  #flaminfig #byflaminfig #webdesign #webtemplates #sparkletemplates #nocodedesign #responsivetemplates #creativepreneur #creativestudio #creativedesign #sparklesites #nocode #nocodetemplates #nocodewebsites #entrepreneurs #sparkleapp #greenstudio #designempowerment #greenhosting #ethicaldesign #ethicalbrands #ethicalbusiness #templates #diywebsites #websitetemplates #freelancelife #websitebuilder #draganddrop #solopreneurs #launcestontasmania  * [Image from Flamin' Fig, art by Flamin' Fig]
IT IS JUST ABOUT ON OUR DOORSTEP! 22 MAY 2023!  It has been announced that the next massive iteration of Sparkle is coming - SPARKLE 5. Judging back what came to us when Sparkle 4 was released I would say we are in for a massive surprise and happiness all round! :)  Flamin’ Fig will take full advantage of the new Sparkle 5 and will be releasing new templates to highlight the advances made and the new features and functionality added to Sparkle 5. Stay tuned!  #flaminfig #byflaminfig #webdesign #webtemplates #sparkletemplates #nocodedesign #responsivetemplates #creativepreneur #creativestudio #creativedesign #sparklesites #nocode #nocodetemplates #nocodewebsites #entrepreneurs #ecoconsciousbrands #greenstudio #greenhosting #canva #ethicaldesign #ethicalbrands #ethicalbusiness #templates #diywebsites #websitetemplates #freelancelife #websitebuilder #solopreneurs #launcestontasmania #draganddrop   [Image by Chris Yates?, design by Flamin’ Fig]

At Flamin’ Fig, we not only love the online simplicity that we offer in our theme kit templates, we also love our planet and feel humbled that we can offer you both in this new age of awareness!

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